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All sexy fights and fighters <3
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heatherwifi's Profile Picture
Heather Worth
United States
College student in NY. Enjoy browsing thru sexy deviant art. As a psychology major, I find the true deviant art appealing.. :)

I have a personal fetish of watching Female fighting. The rougher the sexier.. Finding one sided no mercy shown matches the most erotic. I love chatting about that and hearing other dark desires men have. I often can be found chatting on aol or aim at or heatherwifi on the trillian chat networks.

Many have commented my imagination and story telling ability make me one of the best roleplayers or chat experiences they have ever had.

I'd like to hear and share darker fantasies, then give you all of that which you came to me for.

I get many many requests and many IMs. If you want my attention don't just say 'Hi How are You? Give me either a full intro to get my attention or a very detailed comment or Note to me regarding one of the fantasies posted on DA and how and why you liked it. Tell me youd like to experience more of it.

Be patient.... if your note was creative and witty.... you will hear from me.



Thanks to all of you who encourage me to explore my deviant darker fantasies and turn ons.  Its fun, a bit naughty and exciting to share such personal things with strangers {and new friends}.

I have discovered things about myself and others I could have never discovered on my own.  Thanks

Ive been busy with school and such but hope to get back to more chat, exploration and creations soon.

In order to help start a first project I have created a new test story and background. Something we can just create holds and ring situations for.

I wrote this off the cuff on my blackberrys small keyboard and screen while flying from San Fransico to Miami.

Let's me know if you get the jist of this quick tale and set the stage for the situations the character "jill" will face in the ring.

I'd like to see if this "storyboard" can have some original and creative new holds and ring rope work. The pile drives and other knockout blows common will have to wait towards the later part of stage two, as you will read the tale dictates.

In addition to limited writing tools, please understand I have not written a story before. It is just something I an looking to experiment with.

I would appreciate your honest feedback and critique of the story line.

Will it be hot or cold? Exciting or lame?

Thank you.


The characters are Ann and jill. Sisters from the southwest USA. A poor small farming town. They have dreams of travel and some stardom. Ann is an attractive devorcee 24. She married the captain of the HS football team, but it just didn't end up working for her dreams of escaping Ellisville.

Jill is the very attractive younger sister with darker hair than her southern blonde haired sister, but the very good looks that their mother gave them both.

Though smaller jills body is every mans fantasy dream of the sexy teen next door.

The girls father died when jill was 6, her mother Dawn did her best for the girl. Trying to do for them like the wealthy parents in the town did for their kids. Tap dancing, gymnastics, beauty pageants cheerleading etc. Dawn feeding the girls dreams of a better life outside in the "big world".

Thousands of miles away in a South American city, the arena is being prepped for the semi annual special event. Its not the running of the bull but something that can be just as brutal. "Internacional No Hay Presentaciones Fighting World Championships". International No Submission Fighting Championships

For years this No submissions world championship fight was the highest grossing payperview event just after the World Cup. This year promoter looking to add an additional event. For the first time ever they will be adding tagteam action. But to make doubly event extra special it will be a Womens tagteam match before the day before the mens singles championship. This will also be the first time women compete in this normally brutal male dominated event.

The Mens rules in previous years simple. Only a clean knockout can end the match. There is no such thing as submission,tapout or having the towel thrown in. Men fight till beaten unconscious and unable to respond. No nationality, political or financial pressures or sways.

Pure fight.

For the womens tagteam event the rules will be different. Girls feeling the need to can try and tag their partner in if they fear losing the fight. This is being done because promoters not wanting to risk the possibility of this new womens event ending too quickly. A longer match estimated to triple pay per view subscriptions for future years championships.

Promoters spent the last three years scouting female talents for this event from around the world. An exhausting and expensive search looking for a good balance of fight skills and of course sexy looks.

Girls were chosen and the promotions began. PPV subscriptions skyrocketed even higher than expected.

The fighters were paired based of balance. Again a short contest could cost millions in future revenue. Favored were the Australian girl and the fighter from Brazil both had extensive fighting experience since an early age. While many thought the Croatian and Russian fighter could have more staying power and endurance training as both were military girls.

With just one week before the match though political tensions rose on the russian border with croatia. The promoters stunned to hear both the russian fighter and Croatian were called up in their countries military reserves and could not secure permission to compete intime for the event

Calls went out immediately to the other fighters scouted, but each declining as either they had other scheduled events, were upset they were "second call" or heard stories of the Australian and brazilians brutal fighting tactics in training matches. With each of the sparring teams having girls hospitalized for weeks or rumors of career ending injuries.

Back in Ann and Jills small town. The girls mother Dawn gets a call from Murray, the talent agent Dawn hired to help the girls careers and dreams of fame and fortune.

Murray explained he received a call from a friend in Los Angeles looking for the two athletic sisters he once sent headshots off awhile back.

Seems the promoter in LA wanted to make a contact in south America so he sent the headshots in reply to the agency scouting female fight talents. With jills and Anns stunning looks and being sisters their headshots got noticed. The language differences and the LA agents rush to be relevant had him saying Yes... Yes... Yes to all the questions. "The girls athletic right!" ? "Plenty Street fight and maa experience right?" " Sure yes sure" the response.

Now it was the girls agent Murray getting the misinformation. Murray assuming it was like WWE in south America. Staged fighting where no one gets hurt. Both ann and jills dance soccer and cheerleading abilities will all come in handy he reasoned.

Promoters in South America jumped of the find because time was running out. With the event just two days away, they could be ruined

On the first class flight the girls thought their dreams we're coming true and fortunes would be changing.

They used the planes wifi to watch womens wwe events on youtube to understand moves and requirements.

Once landing, a limo picked Dawn jill and ann up at the airport and brought them to their 5 star hotel.

The girls dressed like the wrestlers they had seen on youtube. Ann is super skin tight black latex legging looking as though she had them spray painted on her "playboy" body, and jill in micro mini cutoff jeans and a belly shirt white blouse.

Being brought later to promoters office the girls walk into a huge office with two men sitting there. One the promoter one a translator. The girls amazing looks first to catch the promoters eyes and smiling as he said something in spanish under his breath to translator.

After the translator expressed welcomes, they got down to business. Though Ann was an equally stunning beauty, the promoter hardly took his eyes off jill. Commenting many times how fresh and attractive she looked.

The expressions changed when the girls started telling the translator of their fight experience and it became clear the agent in LA misrepresented everything.
It would mean ruins.

But this promoter didn't get to where he was without adapting quickly and smartly. What also became clear is the girls had not a clue what they signed in for.

If they had gotten any wind of it he knew they would back out and he would have to cancel the whole womens event. A catastrophe worse than no fight at all.

The promoter looked Jill up and down again and started nodding his head up and down slightly. The translator explaining the promoters words. "Don't worry girls, especially you jill. We all know this type fighting is fake and all staged. No one gets hurt. Fan entertainment is our only goal. Jill how can you not please, the promoter said flirtatiously?" And Ann your body too will have them wanting to see more.

I am going to call the other fighters up to my office right after you leave and explain to them this situation. They are professionals who also understand how to give these fans what they came to see. I will ask them to make certain they use the best of their talents to give the fans a long and exciting experience. They will be taking good care of you.... especially you Jill he says with a smile.

With that the promoter picks up the phone. It was obvious he was telling his secretary to summon the other fighter to his office.

He tells dawn jill and ann to go back to the hotel, get some rest and prepare to make pay per view history.

Later the brazillian and austrailian arrive at the promoter office. When they arrive he first breaks the news to them that the german girl they had exhibition training matches with is not expected to be able to walk again, and jests "good thing she signed those releases".

Then he begins to explain to the girls the current situation. Looking like the event needs to be cancelled and according to the contract they will not be paid. The girls looked shocked.

Or, the promoter says, I can pay you double and you put on a real show for the fans. A type of match they desire but never dreamt of seeing!

He explains his plan.

Early in the match I want you to injure the older sister. Something that will keep her from tagging back in. Then I want you to go to work on the younger sister Jill. But there is a condition to double payment. No matter how much she begs... No matter how much she pleads.. Her submissions are to be ignored just like the scheduled event. BUT you are to keep that young one concious for at least 45 minutes of total punishment. Torturous holds. Sadistic manuevers. Brutal blows. Physical abuse and humiliations, but you are not to knock her out till minute 46, you understand my terms the promoter asks?

Fourty five minutes is an eterenity the brazillian explains. This can be no regular match ( not necessarily sexual ) if we are to keep the audiences attention and forbidden to knock her out. We will have to restrain her or prop her for continued punishment. But don't worry we can be creative if paid as you promise.

The arena is yours the promoter tells them. Be creative and most importantly make sure the fans get a show they could never even have fantasized of.

They want to see beatings. They want to hear the lingering moans. The screams. The punishment.

Let's give them all they want and at the same time teach this "agent" and these girls a lesson not to toy with our business ventures with dishonesty.

Good start?



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any of the images you enjoyed more than others?

I have so much more I have not posted

Maybe i can share with you if you tell me your turn ons?

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